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Dear Bubba Fans,
When I started this column, I started it so that I could exchange knowledge with you. In answering questions and helping with your problems, I could tenfold this gift to you for more knowledge and understanding for Bubba. Thanks to your great response, great new learning opportunities have been presented to me and I will no longer be able to answer your questions on a regular basis.

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Greetings Bubba,

I ran into your advice column and I had to let you know I find your counseling to be frequently supported by UNIVERSAL TRUTHS - I also very much enjoy the positive perspective from which you look in and look out - however I wonder if you realize your insight and counseling are a serious and vital necessity in this age - you seem to have little faith in yourself and speak through the mask of the fool as if you are ashamed to take yourself seriously - where did you get the name HOLY BUBBA ? It seems you make mockery of sanctity and truth - I realize it is not my place to criticize your work but it would be wonderful to see faith in the truth which you do speak BE WELL IN THE LIGHT.


Thanks for the flowers, even though a few of them were wilted.
Yes I realize how important it is to make people think. No I take myself quite seriously and sometimes too serious.

The name Holy Bubba came to me on a vision quest. The name makes me smile. That’s important. There are certain times in our lives when we are open to learn. Pain, fear, love and laughter are primary times when we are open to learning. Each of these emotions unlock a place in our subconscious. I choose laughter at this time in my life to make people think. Universal truths work whether your happy or sad. I think it would be wonderful to see faith and truth, of which you and I speak. I do have faith in the laws and myself. Many teachers take truth too seriously and as you can see by the world we live in, it’s not working too well. To make people smile and feel good and THINK in these days and coming times is very important to me. I feel that if I can help people, I gladly play the fool.

Sending you my circle of love & light,

PS: I would suggest that everyone find a place where your not known and play the part of the fool. You will be amazed at how much you can learn by doing this. It is also a great tool to build your own self esteem.


Dear Holy Bubba:
Have just been diagnosed with severely advanced osteoporosis. How do I "Keep Smiling?"


Well you don’t have to keep smilin, you can close the door on the world, lay down on your bed and feel sorry for yourself which will only make things worse. Or you can simply look up and think. When you are looking up it is almost impossible to think negative thoughts. So I want you to look up and think about your advanced osteoporosis and to think about when you were happy and feeling good about life.

People are happiest when they take charge of their life. Taking charge starts by realizing that everything good that has happened to you in your life is your fault and everything bad is your fault. Once you understand this, it’s time to start living in the present. This is the most important day in your life because very few people know what is going to happen tomorrow. When your ready to take responsibility you are ready to start living. By taking the responsibility for your own happiness you are able to live in the present. This is where you have to go to be happy and to keep smiling. The past is for learning. Today is for living. We’re only using 5 to 10% of our mind and look at everything we can do as human beings. Now I want you to understand that the 5% of  the mind that you are using is your connection to the other 95%. Within our minds we are able to heal our bodies in many different ways. The best way to access the other parts of your mind is to speak and think the language that it understands.

The mind operates on positive energy and speaks in pictures, the oldest language.So to use the other parts of your mind that you need to heal your body you MUST use POSITIVE energy with POSITIVE thoughts and POSITIVE PICTURES.

I know that this is not always easy because we live in a negative environment. That is why you must take responsibility for your own happiness NOW.

Sending you my circle of light & love,

PS: I have found herbs and essential oils to be of great value.


Dear Holybubba:

I am undertall and overweight. I have struggled with every available food plan and diet. If I could lose 30 pounds (or more), I would smile all the time. Can you help me?


What I feel about your 30 pounds or more is that it is more of a mental, spiritual problem than weight. I want you to think about what I’m going to say to you for the next 7 days. All physical problems start in the mind. Many times we are not aware of these thoughts consciously but just as our subconscious is capable of running our body, it is also able to make our body sick, overweight, etc. etc. A good thing is that it is capable of healing our body, our mind etc. etc. Our subconscious mind responds and runs on emotions, feelings, and pictures etc. etc. When a person feels insecure about something in their life, they tend to hold on to things. Emotional feelings that you need to hold on to something, many times is misunderstood by the subconscious mind and will cause you to hold onto body fat because it believes this is something that you want.

Now to change these feelings you first need to start giving. By giving it releases the subconscious thoughts of needing to hold on. This in turn helps to activate the laws of knowing and believing and giving and receiving. Simply explained the law of knowing and believing is once you believe something, you know it has already happened. The law of giving and receiving is once you give you can then receive. Some people would call this the hard part. What you give is unimportant, the important thing is that you give. But in order to receive you must know and believe what you are getting in return. Simply put I’m giving you love and information, in return I am expecting to ten fold this love and information into more love and understanding for me. If I wanted to I could expect money just as easy or oranges and apples. If I wanted to loose 30 pounds or more I would start giving to my opposite. Someone who is hungry. It make no difference what I give, I can give money, food, time, knowledge etc. etc. etc.

Sending you my circle of light & love,
PS: While you are giving be sure and spend 5 minutes a day picturing what you know you are going to get back. In my mind if you do this you are already 6 inches taller and 30 pounds lighter.

Dear Holy Bubba,
A friend of mine referred me to you. I lost my job 4 months ago due to an office "click" that I refused to be part of. I have been depressed, I lost alot of my self esteem. There was alot of talk behind my back at this job between a few people & they convinced the boss that I was the bad egg. (There was 4 of us in this office) I cannot express enough how devoted I was to my work. I worked at this company for 2 & 1/2 years. One of the girls starting lying to the others saying I was picking on her. No one ever asked me anything or ever confronted me with any of these lies. Not even the boss. He just believed what they told him. He chose to let me go. I have tried reaching out to one of my ex co-workers by sending a Christmas card. She brought the card to work & showed everyone & then announced she wasn't sending one back to me. (?) My question to you Holy Bubba is, will I find a job soon? I have been actively searching for a job since September 1997. I still have sleepless nights thinking about what happened. I still can't get over the unfairness of it all. I wasn't even given a warning or a chance. My husband puts me down & says I can't hold a job. I am usually a happy person & love to be happy. Usually my attitude is," keep on truckin". I'm having a hard time moving on. (No self worth) I need to find another job soon. Do you foresee me getting work soon? Your prompt response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sincerely,


Get over it! Are you going to spend the rest of your life reliving the past? I’m sorry for what happened to you but as long as you keep reliving it you can’t move forward. What doesn’t kill you, will make you stronger. (this is one of my favorite quotes) Now your still alive and getting stronger so let’s start from there. When you get your new job if you have not already I want you to remember this. One thing my mother used to say to me was “Don’t give people a club to beat you with”. Meaning don’t tell things that can come back to haunt you because if you give people a club to beat you with, they will beat you.

What concerns me most about your questions is your husband putting you down. This is not good for you or your marriage. I would suggest that you seek some counseling for you and your husband.

I want you to think of a time when you felt good and positive about yourself, then I want you to think and feel how you felt at that time and practice that feeling walking, talking and standing everyday. When you go job hunting, shopping or anything that you do practice smiling at people and feeling good about yourself. People will perceive in their subconscious mind how you are feeling about yourself which is just as important as the words that you say to them. In the beginning I want you to think of this as acting and as you do it, this will help it to become a reality. I also want you to start a Ten Most Wanted List TODAY! You can read about this on our site in response to a sixteen year old questions.

Remember when you smile at someone they have to smile back. If you frown, they frown. So only smiles for you girl.

Sending you my circle of love & light,


Really don't know how to ask this question, but can I love two different men and find happiness with both? Why do we always have to choose one or the other? I care in two different ways and am miserable without them both in my life. How do I let go of one, if one is the answer? And which one is the right one? Guess that was a bunch of questions...


Yes you can be in love with two different people at the same time but finding happiness with both will be quite a feat. Why do we have to choose one over the other? Because so called society dictates that you make a choice. That is the only reason I can think of right now. The only way to find happiness with one or both is you have to be truthful with yourself and them because people can accept the truth but not a lie.

As far as the right one I think you know that but just in case try this. Tie a paper clip on a string, draw a cross ‘+’ on a piece of paper, write one’s name on one line and the other on the other line, then hold the string by your thumb and forefinger only, holding it over the center. After a few seconds the paper clip will start to move. If it moves top to bottom, that is your choice, if it moves left to right, that is your choice. If it goes in a circle, your subconscious mind is still undecided. This is called an ideo motor response. This is used by therapist, hypnotist and fortune tellers to find an answer. You can also use this to find answers to other questions by putting yes or one line and no on the other line.

Which one is right? When you look into his eyes and they are smiling at you and yours are smiling back, would be my pick.

Sending you my circle of love & light,

PS: An old Indian saying, says “You have to walk a mile in another man’s moccasins before you know why his feet hurt”. I would suggest that you place yourself in the position that you place the two men. What would you think and how would you feel if they were trying to keep a relationship with you and another woman? This will help you get some insight on how they might feel, which will help you.

QUESTION: Dear HolyBubba,

I am married and recently had my fourth child. My husband & I seems to have grown into strangers because we are so tired all the time. I love him dearly and I want this to work out and for our family to be a happy, loving family. Any words of advise?
PS: I enjoyed your website. Truely original.

Hi K,

I apologize for taking so long in getting back to you but family illnesses and the holidays have really taken their toll on my time. I see we have alot in common. My youngest daughter is named K and I also have 4 children. So I know where you are coming from.

Just in case things have not gotten better for you, here is my advice. I want you to start using your mind to picture the way you want your family to be. Also start seeing in your mind other members of the family helping you more with your children, seeing them wanting the children to spend the night or the weekend with them. If family is unavailable trade weekends or days with friends who have children, you watching their children one weekend and they watching yours another weekend, giving you and your husband time to be together alone. Fix your hair, put on something sexy, fix his favorite food, plenty of candles, take a bubble bath together. Unplug the phone, TV, etc. It is also important that you express your feelings to your husband, just how important your relationship is to you and how much you appreciate him and all that he does. Tell him that you need his help and advice in what both of you can do to make your marriage better. Men are basically hunters and problem solvers. If you tell us what you want or need we will hunt for it and solve the problem. But while we are doing this the little boy inside is always looking for a pat on the head. The more pats you give a man the better he feels about what he is doing and he knows that it is appreciated.

You said you enjoyed the website and we appreciate that. I would suggest you start using the Ten Most Wanted List for your family and the other advise on the page. Last but not least when Mom and Dad are happy and in charge of the family, the whole family is happy.

Sending you my circle of love & light,


PS: I would suggest that you read “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” by John Gray. This is the best book I have read to help relationships. Reading it together is best. Happy New Year!!!

QUESTION: How do we keep smilin?

Hi Kevin,

Smiling is a choice. Being a human being, you have free will, therefore you can choose to smile or frown or anything in between. Everytime you make a choice there is a reaction to that choice. Add sugar to water and it is sweet, add pepper to water and it is hot etc. etc.  Each time you add something to the water you get a reaction. Smiling and frowning cause a definite predictable reaction. Just as the sugar causes a reaction to make the water sweet it also causes the sugar to be wet. Smiling will cause other people to smile back. At the same time it causes a chemical reaction in the brain that feels pleasant to the whole being. When you frown it brings about a negative feeling in you and others around you. The law of ten folding will apply to all things. What you give out is what you get back. Each time you smile at someone or something you can expect this law to multiply back to you. Believing and using this will bring all the smiles that you would want. Anytime you have a difficult situation that you find hard to smile about simply look up, think about it and smile. Very simple but it works.

Sending you my circle of light and love,


QUESTION: How can I get a intimate relation, without strings?

Hi P.M.,

Well it sounds highly unlikely or impossible. As human beings we are like spiders when it comes to relationships. As we are always spinning webs and attaching strings to everything. What is possible is to have a relationship with few strings attached. Once you become aware of how you attach strings to your relationships you can begin to learn how not to attach so many strings.

Every relationship begins with an attraction which is simply a string on the loose looking for somewhere to stick. Once you stick your string into something it becomes a two way bridge and more strings quickly at the speed of light cross over this bridge. What you must do is to keep a constant watch and allow only the strings that you want to be attached to you. The best relationships are friendships, in which both people attach as few a strings as possible. Everytime I attach a string I think about it, so I know if this is good for me and good for the other person. In other words, can I live with this and can they live with this? Is this too heavy a string, will it pull too hard on my partners bridge or will it make my bridge stronger?

Good relationships have few strings which keep people from getting tied up in knots. When you have a relationship where each partner has room to grow  without getting tangled up, this is the type of relationship that most people dream about. So when you build this type of relationship it's something both parties happily want to continue.

Sending you my circle of light and love,

QUESTION: Dear Bubba,
I am an extremely overly emotional person, sensitive to my own destruction...how do you "un-connect" from this type of emotion? It has effected my life to the point where I can't leave my house most of the time.


The best way to control your emotions is to practice acting. By acting with your mind that you are a confident, strong person, you can become one. By acting with the complete opposite emotions that your having now, you can find some balance. I would practice going out in my mind with a different personality, such as ‘how John Wayne would go to the store’ or ‘Oprah’. Pick out a character that you like or admire and act as if you were that person for one hour. Then use that person’s better qualities with your better qualities and see yourself going out the way you want to be. Learn to act that you are angry with your pillow, you can yell at it, hit it or anything else you want to do but in reality it is all acting and you are not really emotionally upset by your pillow.

What I want you to understand is to express yourself without getting emotionally involved. I can act angry and I don’t have to be emotional.

I would also suggest that you start looking back into your life to see if you can find the times in your life that you became such an overly emotional person. This may go back to your childhood as most of our emotional problems do. One of the best ways to do this is to remember all the houses that you’ve lived in, starting with the one your in now, moving backwards with each place, think about how you felt emotionally at each house. This will help you to understand when your problem started getting out of control and possibly why.

There is no more horrible prison than the prison that we put ourselves in and we all do it sometime in our life. But only we hold the key to unlock the prison that we have put ourselves in. Many times feelings of guilt will cause us to do this. If you find that this is the case with you, I want you to make a list of everything you feel guilty about. Then study the list, remember who and what were causing the problems at that time. Realize that you were doing the best you could at that time with the understanding and emotions you had then. Yes you might do it different today because you have new understanding about each situation but you were doing the best that you could at the time. So when your doing the best that you can, you have nothing to feel guilty about. After reviewing your list destroy it, this will help you to let go of the guilty feelings.

Sending you my circle of love & light,
PS: Remember we were all given free will. You exercise your free will by making choices.

Question: hey holybubba, i'm a 16 year old girl who (not to be conceited) isn't ugly at all, i'm not gorgeous either, at least i don't think so, and i haven't had a boyfriend in over a year. the last real boyfriend was this 18 yr old gary, we were together for a year and a half on and off, but never with anyone else in between, well anyways, i moved down here a year ago on nov.21, and i haven't had a boyfriend down here, i mean, from what i know, only 3 guys have liked me and they were dorks who i had nothing in common with, so nothing happened, and i just want to know what's wrong with me? i know i'm nice looking, i'm not one of those followers or liers or or anything bad like that, and i just feel so alone! i know it's pathetic, but sometimes i cry because i have no one to love who loves me. if you have any ideas on how i can get some kind of relationship going, please let me know. thanks man. later.


What’s wrong with you? Nothing is wrong with you, you just need to start using your mind more. The more you use your mind the stronger it will be. Using your mind is like lifting weights, in that every time you use it, it gets stronger. The great thing about your mind is it gets stronger no matter how you lift the weights. The best way to use your mind is to make decisions. Every time you make a decision whether it is right or wrong your mind grows stronger. Men and women on this earth have free will. Having free will allows you to make choices between right and wrong. Part of your subconscious mind is a provider which will bring you what you want. It does not know the difference between right and wrong. It only knows the pictures and feelings that you send to it. So when you say and think and feel bad or good or when you feel so alone and pathetic and want to cry that’s what your subconscious mind brings you. When you say I’m nice looking, not a follower or a liar and feel it, it will bring that to you.

What I want you to do is to make yourself a ten most wanted list. On this list I want you to put some simple and easy to acquire things. Such as a pair of red shoes on sale or a dress etc. These things are physical and should be easy to acquire but at the same time they should come to you in the way you want them. Such as a sale, birthday present etc. Put them in priority with the most important things at the top of the list. Then I want you to list several things that are emotional, such as a boy that smiles at me, a friend that gives me a hug, you making someone feel good. Then I want you to put down the kind of relationship that you want to have with your friends, family and a boyfriend. Write each thing on your list with simple key words that will bring a complete picture of what you want to your mind. Such as (1. red shoes, on sale and dollar amount). Do each item this way so now when you look at your list you’ll use your mind to picture as much detail about each item as possible. Every time you get an item from your top 10 list, add a new item. The items will not necessarily come to you in order but the more detailed pictures you get in your mind, the more accurate things will come to you. If you believe you will be using a universal law or mind law which is called knowing and believing. Which is simply ‘once you know something and BELIEVE it, it will happen’.

Each morning read your list and picture each item, do this again at bedtime. Do not show your list to anyone so you will know that your own mind has brought these things to you.

Sending you my circle of love and light,

PS: Sorry about taking so long to get back to you. Bubba has been really busy. Using this law can be a lot of fun and change your life. I know this year has been full of ups and downs for you, using this law can change all that.

Question: I am very much in love with a man I started a relationship with three months ago. Although he seems to be open in many ways I am unsure about his feelings for me. I do not want to overrun him with my feelings and I do not like putting him under pressure with always asking him questions. The problem is my mind keeps spinning around this uncertainness and I am not able to relax an let things go. What can I do? It would be great to here from you.


Your instincts are right. In a new relationship uncertainties are always there. It is best not to overrun him with your feelings and constant questioning.
When I was young I had a dog that I kept fenced in and I was always afraid he would run away, so every time he had the chance, he would. He didn't run away because he didn't love me or that he wasn't well treated, he ran away because he felt confined. This was very hard to understand at the time because I loved him and tried to take such good care of him but could never break him of the habit of wanting to go explore. When I was older I got another puppy that I loved and enjoyed but never fenced him in and he never ran away. Because he had the freedom to leave he had no desire to leave because the love and the care that he wanted most were there for him. Your question "the problem is my mind keeps spinning around this uncertainness and I am not able to relax an let things go. What can I do?", tells me that you are not only uncertain about him but also yourself. So to stop the uncertainty and the spinning around, I want you to slow down, picture what you want from this relationship and how you want it to be. Anytime you start feeling uncertain and spinning, simply look up and picture things the way you want them to be. Looking up is an old Shaman secret. It is almost impossible to have negative thoughts while looking up.

So to stop the spinning I want you to take at least 2 lookups a day and email me in the morning.

Sending you my circle of love and light,

Question: My "inner child" is growing up. There are many types of LOVE. Angels do perform miracles. Thank you for more than you know. What now? Who are you? Can you see me?  Help me learn. (please) By the way, what are your feelings about "Horoscopes"? Evil or scientific?


I'm glad your inner child is growing.
What now? Now you need to learn to listen to your inner child. Nothing fancy or mind blowing just keep it simple. Sit down in a quiet place, find an object to think about, such as a spot on the wall, a candle or any object that does not have an emotional attachment. For 10 or 15 minutes just think about that spot. Any time your mind starts to wander from that spot immediately go back to thinking about the spot. This will help quiet your conscious mind. As your conscious mind slows down, your subconscious mind is able to open up. As your subconscious mind opens up you become more attuned to the rest of the universe. After your conscious mind exercise, ask yourself a simple question about yourself and spend 5 minutes thinking while looking up with your eyes closed.
The conscious mind is like your computer. Whether it is a 100mhz or 200mhz computer it can only do so much and it is all internal. When you connect to the Internet the possibilities are unlimited.

Who are you? I am Bubba, a shaman. Time and space will not allow me to elaborate more. Keep watching the website and I will tell the Bubba stories as time allows.
Can you see me? Yes
"Help me learn". I'll do my best. But what's important is that you do your best.
Horoscopes..are they evil or scientific? Both. All knowledge is good. How you use this knowledge can be either evil or good. I believe everything is in motion and that everything is cyclitory "moving in circles". By watching a clock and observing what is going on at certain times things become predictable. I can watch a clock and know people go to lunch at 12:00 noon. That makes it easy to predict lunchtime. Watching stars, planets and other objects in the sky is a way to predict things that have happened and will possibly happen in the future but it is a little harder to predict with so much going on in the universe than to predict lunchtime tomorrow.

I predict it is now past Bubba’s lunchtime.
Sending you my Circle of Love and Light,

Question: What do you think is gonna happen to me with love?

Hi Buffy,
Of all the great lessons that life has to offer, learning about love can be the most rewarding. Love is a two edged sword. There is no stronger emotion on the planet. Feeling the power of love can make someone do things that are impossible without love. Love can take you higher than any drug, so I'm cautioning you to take love in small doses because many people when they are first exposed to love have a tendency to overdose. Kind of like eating too many cookies and cupcakes can give you the cramps, an overdose of love can tie your stomach in knots.

Learning about love will give you strength and energy. As most people just fall in love without learning about love; these people quite often wind up with nothing but the fall. Because you are smart enough to ask this question, I feel that you are one of those people that are going to learn about love, who therefore reap the benefits of it.

Above all you must understand that love and sex are entirely two different things, and should not be confused as the same thing. Sex will take you to one place and love will take you to another and when the two are combined they will take you to a far better place. But first you must learn about love. In the heat of lust, we can sometimes think we're in love when all it is, is lust.
Bubba's #1 lesson about love is to learn to love yourself. The good parts of yourself and the bad parts. Because without the bad, you cannot appreciate the good. Without the good you can't change the bad. To do this, simply spend 5 minutes in the morning thinking positive thoughts about yourself and 5 minutes before bed thinking positive thoughts about yourself. By learning to love yourself it gives you a solid foundation upon which to build your house of love. This will give you the strength to understanding love.
You will need to understand love as you will be a teacher of love. As I write this I can feel the power of the love in you is already growing. As this energy grows it will attract what you need to learn.

Life is like school, if you don't learn 2X2 is 4, you have to take the lesson over again until you learn. Love is just like this lesson, if you don't learn it the first time, you will have to do it again until you get it right.  

Sending you my circle of love and light,

PS: I feel that if you practice loving yourself that a great opportunity for love will come your way by early summer. WOW how exciting for you!! All of these positive thoughts I'd had about love, writing you this, makes me want to go share some love with my beautiful wife and lover.

Bubba's gotta go.....Bye

Question from Fred:

But what does a Shaman have to do with seeds? What I need is ground water hi enough in Aug and Sept to continue pumping and growing. ÿý

Hi Fred,
Bubba plants different kinds of seeds. Bubba plants seeds in the mind which are able to flower and mature all year long. Some of Bubba's seeds need a little manure to mature but very little ground water. By using your mind you can make your water levels higher. By reading Holy Bubba you can learn how to do this with YOUR MIND and have a laugh while your setting around waiting for your water levels to rise.

Keep Smilin
Your friend,

Question from Liz: When will I find a peaceful, safe place to live and study?.
Hi Liz,
When I was seven years old I started asking questions in Sunday school that the Sunday school teacher could not answer. So as a child I thought and acted like a child and to my surprise I started finding answers any time I had a question. In the beginning they were always very good answers. As I grew older my answers were not as good as they were when I was younger. Mostly because I was looking at other people’s answers, who just like the Sunday school teacher, were having a hard time answering their own questions, because they too were asking other people to answer their questions.

What I am saying to you Liz, is you already have the answers to these questions but you are too busy listening to other people’s answers. To find a peaceful place you must learn to be totally truthful to yourself, then you will be able to find peace and safety no matter where you are.

I started using my mind to make things happen on a conscious level many years ago. I have found that some things I can make happen instantly others seem to take up to 2 years. I guess it is a matter of priority. But when I think like a child, who believes all things are possible, it seems to work faster. As a child I understood love and hated no one including myself. Everything was simple, all you had to do was believe and know that it would happen. I feel that within the next 30 days you will start to find the answers to your questions and realize your goals but don’t be surprised that some of the goals you seek will change.

Thanks for the great questions. I feel a great amount of energy coming  from you and am sure you will succeed.
Sending you my circle of light and love.
Keep smilin,

Hey Bubba,
I was jsut sitting here eating a moon pie and drinking a RC Cola and pondering the unfathonable depths of the Universe when a great paradox came to mind. Perhaps in your great wisdom you can answer the following question.
Even though I eat at least three times each day, I am never satisfied. My hunger keeps returning. Is there some secret formula which will resolve this problem?
Someone once told me that if I stopped eating and drinking for at least two weeks that all traces of hunger would disappear. Is this true?
Anxiously awaiting an answer.
Regards, -tjb-

Hi Tom,

I haven't had an RC cola in a long time but a good RC sounds good to me anytime. When you mentioned moon pies I had to go get in my sweet tooth stash and get me one. Well it is hard to believe that your hunger could not be satisfied for someone that eats such a healthy diet of moon pies and RC colas.
Yes, Tom, good news there is a formula to solve this problem and it begins with a thought or idea as everything does. First you must learn to understand the oldest language in the Universe, that is pictures. Everything and everybody should understand pictures. Pictures are the language of  the mind. Pictures that go on in your mind are communication from one part of the mind to the other part of the mind.
I believe in kiss, 'keep it simple stupid'. So that it is easy to understand, all you have to do is start picturing yourself  full and satisfied and it will be.

As far as going without food and drink for 2 weeks, I doubt that this would work in your case. Great people like Moses, Jesus and Gandhi have been able to go for much longer time periods without food and water but things like this are not for the beginner. As I said in the beginning everything begins with a thought. The thought that I have for you, as I am writing this, is to understand the deeper meaning of your question which is hunger and satisfaction. My thoughts are that if you were to help someone who is hungry, you will feel much more satisfied.

PS: If this doesn't work, try double moon pies.
Sending you my circle of light and love.
Keep smilin,

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